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A (Bicycle Traveling) Song Around the World - Wish You Were Here (Cover) - Pink Floyd
Chains & Chords

A (Bicycle Traveling) Song Around the World - Wish You Were Here (Cover) - Pink Floyd

What a crazy project this has turned out to be, and absolutely worth all the effort! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, we've really created something cool and unique here. Playing a "song around the world" is no easy task. Everyone has to be on the same page, or rather the same beat, and trust that everything comes together well in the end. But after over two months from recording the initial "scratch track" to the final master, we can finally show you the finished product... Enjoy! The artists who joined us (in order of appearance): - Colin Bankes-Jones ( - Alexander Kuhn-Régnier ( - Simon Harvey ( - Dmitry Tolpinskiy ( - Marlene Moik & Lukas Hoscher ( - Henning Fredriksen ( - Franziska Doll // FRANI ( - - Simone Ganss ( Make sure to check out our other covers & original songs! Thank you to our Patrons: Lewis & Marilyn Farmer, Sophia Hamelbeck, Mark Messer, Derek Brotherton, Daniel Stewart, Rob Stephens, Tim and Kim Nelson, Galen Han, David Person, Mark Redmond, Mikkel Ørstedholm, SnowGirl, AMB Weather, Davis Ja, Philip Caldwell, Tim Lester Support us on Patreon: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Website:


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