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Camping & Cooking


  • 1x Forclaz Trek 900 2-Person Tent + Footprint

    • (previously Quechua Quick-Hiker-2)​

  • 2x2m Tarpaulin for underneath the tent

  • 2x3m Tarpaulin to protect our bikes

  • Mountain Equipment Classic 1000 Sleeping Bag (Tobi)

  • Mountain Equipment Earth Rise 600 Sleeping Bag (Louisa)

  • 2x Sleeping Bag Liner (Cocoon MummyLiner Thermolite Radiator & Forclaz Silk Liner)

  • 1x Frilufts Kalla 5.0 Sleeping Mat

  • 1x Husky Frosty 2.5 Sleeping Mat

  • 2x Petzl Actik Headlamps

  • 2x Helinox Chair One

*List may differ from photos - List is more up-to-date!


  • Optimus Polaris - Multifuel Burner (with Primus Fuel Bottle)

  • Trangia 25-Series Camping Cooker

  • 2x Pots (1x Non-Stick)

  • 2x Plastic Bowls

  • 2x Mugs

  • 2x Spoons, 1x Fork, 1x Knife

  • 1x Cutting Board

  • 2x Tea Towel

  • 1x Flint Fire-Starter

  • 1x Lighter


*List may differ from photos - List is more up-to-date!

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